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3 Improvements to Help You Make Your Bathroom Renovation Process Successful

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Renovating the bathroom is one of the most rewarding projects most homeowners undertake. A few changes can add comfort and functionality to your bathroom in a big way. A renovated bathroom also adds to the value of the home. The crucial thing is to plan well beforehand and discover which renovations work best for you. If you intend to spend money on a bathroom remodelling project this year, you should consider elements that will transform the space into a comfortable, spacious, and enjoyable place for a bath. 

Here are three changes that will help you achieve these goals.

Get a Hidden Tank Toilet

Most people don't think about changing the toilet in their bathroom until it has completely stopped working. If you are planning to remodel your bathroom, first consider your toilet. Older generation toilets use up a lot of water because the flushing mechanism sends all the water in the cistern to the bowl. 

However, the new toilet designs are highly improved, meaning they need less water to flush. The button system is more reliable and durable than the flush handle system. Today, you can install a toilet with a hidden tank. A general contractor will install the cistern behind the wall where no one can see it. You can also opt for a tankless toilet that gets flushing water directly from the line. 

Choose Textured Tile for the Shower Floor

Most people choose white or sky-blue for their shower tiles. The colours are popular because they brighten the bathroom and create a clean feeling. However, you can choose to disrupt the norm a little and go with textured tiles. The texture in the tile will protect you from slipping in the bathroom when it's soapy. You should also consider mix and match colours and patterns. They maximise the visual effect in your bathroom.

Get Wider Drain Pipes

Clogging is of the main functionality challenges in the bathroom. Most of the clogs happen because the pipes installed to take the water and waste away are too narrow. Choosing a wider pipe helps you a lot because it minimises the possibility that clogs will form.  Ask the plumber to recommend pipe diameters that will function more efficiently than what you currently have. 

Other changes include adding a window to the shower, installing a smaller medicine cabinet, and avoiding unnecessary fixtures. Choose a bathroom renovation contractor to help you transform your bathroom to match your dream. With the above changes, you can get a classy and more comfortable bathroom after the renovation process.