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What You Can Do With A Pre-Purchase House Inspection Report

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Upon completion of a pre-purchase house inspection, a building inspector will provide a report detailing the "as is" structural condition of the building. This report can be advantageous to home buyers in so many different ways. If you have identified a house you want to purchase, you may be interested in knowing about those benefits. Here are a few essential ones every home buyer should be aware of.

Determining the current value of the building.

Not all sellers are honest about the actual structural condition of the house they have put up for sale. The only thing on their mind is to fetch the best prices to the buyer's detriment. To avoid falling prey to such sellers, it is important that you have a pre-purchase inspection carried out so you can know about the general condition of all major components of the house including plumbing installations, electrical wiring, ducting systems, walls, ceilings, floors, and the roof and so on. This way, you can gain a better bargaining power when you are negotiating the price of the house you want to purchase.

Estimating the cost of repair and renovation, if needed.

By revealing defects on the house, your building inspector will help you identify what areas need repair or remodelling. It could be that the galvanised pipes used for plumbing are too old/corroded and need to be replaced, a section of the electrical wiring running in the basement, attic or crawl space is naked and need to be sealed up, or some roofing shingles are cracked or broken and need replacement. Your building inspector will not just identify where repair and restoration is required, but also provide cost estimates for the works. This way, you can set aside funds to embark on repair and renovation works once conveyancing has been finalised.

Checking compliance with the local building codes and standards.

Usually, there are building laws regulating how houses in different municipalities or areas should be designed and constructed. If the previous owner of a house unlawfully made some modifications to the building, you may run into legal problems with your municipality if they learn about the irregularities. Since local building inspectors are conversant with zoning laws and other building rules and regulations of the area where you intend to buy a house, they will point out any issues with non-compliance.

A building inspector will ask you to pay a small fee for their services, but it is an investment that will go a long way in ensuring you remain happy about the purchase you made for a lifetime.