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Choosing the Right Bricks for Your Home Pavements

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There are numerous types of building materials that you can choose for your paving project. The right choice should depend on factors like budget, preference and even local climate. One of the beneficial materials on the market is brick. This material is resistant to damage from mechanical pressure and can withstand different environmental conditions. Moreover, classic bricks have a timeless appearance which blends with modern and traditional homes. Here are some considerations to help you select the best brick products for your pavements.

Grade Rating

Bricks are categorised into different grades that determine the most appropriate application. These groupings depend on factors such as the type of clay used and the firing temperature during production. As a property owner, you only have to know exterior and interior grade bricks. Exterior grade bricks can withstand moisture, freezing temperatures and high pressure without distortion. These are suitable if you live in an area that experiences harsh winters or long rainy periods. Interior bricks are primarily intended for indoor application, but you can use them for paving in some regions. If your area experiences low rainfall and rarely gets freezing temperatures, this is a suitable choice.

Brick Colours

The visual appearance of the brick is an important consideration because it will determine how well the pavement complements the rest of the property. As mentioned earlier, classic bricks, which are usually red, can match with most home designs. If you do not want this common look, you will find that there is an assortment of brick colours to consider. The colours range from black hues to almost white shades, and there are different shades of yellow and brown in between. You can make your pavement more interesting by mixing these colours during installation. Some bricks can fade over time, so you should inquire about colour fastness before buying any product.

Brick Texture

The exterior face of paving bricks are fabricated with different textures. This can affect the function and aesthetic appeal of the pavement. The standard bricks in the construction industry have a smooth surface. This is an ideal choice if you are not a fan of decorative textures. If you are concerned about slipperiness, you can choose struck face bricks. These are smooth bricks with irregular lines inscribed on them. Sand struck bricks are moulded against sand, so their texture and appearance are rougher. You can also choose glazed bricks with a layer of ceramic. This protects the brick and presents a more polished look. 

Contact professional bricklayers in your area to set up an appointment to get your brick pavement laid.